Ready for another season? Please make sure you follow the steps below to ensure your CASA player card is current and ready to go.




Existing Players:

Are you a returning player already part of an existing team?  If so, please read the reminders below to ensure your CASA player card is current.

  • Every player must register once a year, before the fall season, with the Colorado Amateur Soccer Association (CASA) to obtain their player card HERE.
  • The fee for the player card is $30 and is good for both the Fall and Spring seasons.
  • Players joining the league before the Spring season will need to register for a player card before the Spring season and then again before the following Fall season

Player Transfers:

Players that would like to transfer from one team to another between the Fall and Spring seasons can request their player card be transferred on the CASA site.  The transfer fee is $10 per player and the “losing” manager will receive a request to approve the transfer.  As a reminder, rosters are completely reset before the fall season and players can jump teams for free at that time.

https://www.soccercasa.com/player-transfer-page/ somewhere on the “existing player” page for transfers.

COSASL Registration and Fees:

The manager of each team is responsible for registering their team on the CASA and COSASL site.  Players only need to register with CASA.  It’s not easy being a manager, so please do your part to lighten the load by meeting registration and fee deadlines.