Are you interested in joining our league and becoming the newest member of one of our existing teams? Or do you already have a team you’d like to bring into the league? COSASL is always looking to include new players and welcome new teams to the league. In fact, we consider this an essential part of our mission in providing a safe, fun soccer league for men and women of all skill levels.




New Player: Free Agent

If you’re interested in joining an existing team the first step is to sign up as a free agent.  On our free agent page we’ll ask you to provide some information about yourself.  This information is used by the managers to help them pick up the right players to fill out their squad. In addition to providing your age, desired level/league, prior soccer experience, and what position you prefer, you should also include the social experience you are looking for.  Most teams have been around for many years and the social aspect of each club is unique, important and fun.
Once you’ve entered your information on the free agent list you should start to see emails from managers looking for players.  Usually clubs will invite new players out to a practice or scrimmage to ensure it’s a good fit for everyone.  Normally managers reach out to new players 2-6 weeks before the beginning of each season.
Kick arounds and free agent teams:

The league is always interested in facilitating the growth of the league by adding new teams to every division.  Before each season the league takes an active role in this process by sponsoring kick-arounds with all the new free agents looking to join the league.  These are announced on our website and league representatives, along with managers, are present to help organize groups of free agents into new teams.  The league does not place players on teams but we do facilitate connecting managers and players as best as possible.

New Teams:

If you and a group of players already have a team and want to join COSASL please contact us by sending an email to  We’ll help walk the manager through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to play?
The registration fee for each  season is approximately $1700 per team or roughly $80-$100 per player. The fees are used by COSASL to pay for referees and field rentals.  COSASL is a volunteer run, non-profit organization and we work hard to keep fees manageable for everyone.  In addition to the league registration fees, each player must purchase a player card from the Colorado Amateur Soccer Association (CASA).  The player card is purchased before the fall season and is good for both the Fall and Spring seasons.
What’s a player card and why do I need one?
The player card provides insurance protection to the league and is required by our venues.  It also provides each team with a roster capability and tracking yellow and red card infractions.

Do I need a uniform?

Yes, team uniforms are required and each team manages their uniforms independently.  The league requires that each player have a numbered shirt that correlates to their roster to participate and shin guards are required for all players.

Sign Up As a Free Agent