COSASL is affiliated with the Colorado Adult Soccer Association (CASA). CASA provides us with our medical waiver and insurance policies.

CASA team registration happens ONCE PER SOCCER YEAR. A soccer year runs from August through the following July.

A team manager first registers the team with CASA and then his or her players register themselves with CASA as a player on that team (or transfer from an existing team). Once the team and players are registered with CASA, they are legally allowed to play in the league, though they must also register with COSASL (see below).

All players and teams must be registered with BOTH CASA and COSASL to play in the league.

CASA Fees are not determined by COSASL and are listed on their website.

COSASL registration happens EACH SEASON (Fall, Spring) and is valid for that season only. A team manager registers the team by creating an account on this site (use the Register button in upper-right corner), and then going through the registration process below by clicking on a division to play in.

COSASL reserves the right to move teams between divisions for balance and scheduling reasons.

If you are a player on an existing team, you do not need to register below. You only need to get your CASA player card as described above.

If you are a NEW player, you do not register at all. Instead, sign up as a free agent to get placed with a team. You can do that from our New Players page.

There are no individual player fees to play in COSASL. There is only a team fee that the team manager pays and then collects from his or her players.

Current Spring/Fall Team Registration: $1800

Because managers do not often have the full money upfront to register, we require only a $200 deposit, with the full balance due by the deadline provided at the manager’s meeting.  Extensions for payment may be granted by the Board for special circumstances.  A $200 fee will apply to all late payments beyond the due date.

How To Register As A Team Captain

How To Register Your Team